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"Insects to Feed the World" (IFW 2018) on May 15-18, 2018 in Wuhan, China.

This 2nd International Conference aims to address all aspects related to insects as food and feed and will bring together research scientists, government officials, and private sector representatives from the food and feed sector from both developing and developed countries. The overall objective of the conference is to engage in a global multi-stakeholder dialogue to further explore the potential of edible insects for food and feed security. Participants will discuss key aspects of collection, production, processing, nutrition, marketing, and consumption of edible insects. IFW 2018 will concentrate on the following topics:

  • The role of insects in food and feed production systems
  • Highlights of using insects in China for food, feed and pharma
  • Ethno-entomology
  • Farming insects
  • Special food production systems
  • Special feed production systems
  • Nutrition, processing and conservation of edible insects
  • Insects as food and feed components and supplements
  • Environmental issues in gathering and farming insects
  • Food safety, legislation, and policy
  • Marketing, and economics
  • Consumer attitudes
  • Edible insects and ethics
  • Future research and conducive policies
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